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CID4 Awards Funding and Management Assistance to Sapphire Technology

The Colorado Institute for Drug, Device and Diagnostic Development (CID4), is awarding $200,000 to Denver-based Sapphire Technology, LLC, for funding and management assistance in developing its proprietary dental instruments. The announcement is made by Kevin M. Smith, CID4 President and CEO, who says, “Sapphire Technology is a development-stage dental device company, advancing its proprietary sapphire-tipped instruments for use in dental procedures involving photo-cured resin composite filling and restoration materials.”

As part of CID4’s management support, Jonathan Thorne, a member of the CID4 Board for the past two years, will join Sapphire Technology’s Founder Alan Wong, DDS, and CEO H. Steven Rosen on the Company’s Board of Managers.

“We are extremely excited about our investment and involvement in Sapphire Technology,” Smith said. “Not only will Sapphire Technology’s proprietary devices address a recognized problem in the dental instrument market as the movement toward composite filling and restoration materials continues to grow, but Sapphire Technology’s use of Colorado-based contract manufacturers should contribute significantly to the advancement of the State’s life science industry.”

Unlike current dental filling instruments, which typically utilize metal for their tips, Sapphire Technology’s SGS® instrument line will employ highly polished and optically clear sapphire tips instead. The use of sapphire is intended to significantly reduce composite pullback as experienced with current metal instruments, which in turn is expected to provide a reduction of voids in the composite material and improve the bond between the filling material and the patient’s natural tooth. Voids and poor bonds in dental fillings can trap bacteria, provide opportunity for further tooth decay, and provide micro-leakage pathways for post-filling hot and cold sensitivity issues.

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